Pinot Nero 2008


The 2008 vintage is truly one to remember: the winter, which was rather mild, was followed by a spring with intense precipitation, which was, in turn, followed by a summer with beautiful weather. This climatic progression led up to a very interesting harvest, which began with the picking of the first varietals around the end of August and ended with the last varietals at the beginning of October. The beautiful weather which characterized the entire period of harvesting allowed us to carefully and systematically select the best and most perfectly ripened grape bunches, giving us excellent raw material to work with. The wine is balanced: flavored and well structured, with a right alcoholic level.


The grapes were harvested in vineyards which are located at an altitude of 400 meters (above sea level) on the Castello della Sala estate in Umbria, near Orvieto. After destemming and a partial pressing, the grapes were put into 50 hl steel tanks. Maceration lasted for approximately one week, during which great care was taken to ensure the best possible extraction of color. Alcoholic fermentation took place at a temperature of 26° C, and was concluded in French barriques (Alliers, Troncais), where malolactic fermentation was also completed. This was followed by 8 months of aging in the barriques, after which time the wine was bottled. It was subsequently bottle-aged for an additional 15 months in the historical wine cellars of Castello before being released on the market.

Tasting Notes

This wine has garnet-colored tinges and offers aromas of cherry, raspberry, and spices. It is characterized by an elegant structure while showing a strong personality, which make it well-balanced and elegant, giving it a Burgundy style.

Pinot Nero della Sala

The Wine

The first vintage to be produced was the 1990 vintage. The wine is made entirely with Pinot Nero grapes and is considered Cervaro’s alter ego: together they represent the two different expressions of Castello della Sala’s complex and refined spirit. Four hectares (10 acres) of Pinot Nero vineyards sit at an altitude of 400 meters (1312 feet) above sea level on calcareous soils rich in fossils with sedimentary sands from the Pliocene epoch.

Pinot Nero della Sala

The beginning of the 2021 growing season was marked by cold temperatures that extended the vines’ dormant period and delayed budbreak by about two weeks compared to seasonal averages. The month of May saw little rainfall and cool temperatures while summer brought sunny skies and good temperature swings between day and night providing the vines with the right conditions to make up for lost time. Beautiful weather continued for the entire period of the grape harvest giving vineyard crews time to patiently and systematically pick the best clusters to obtain the finest expression of Pinot Nero berries. Harvesting operations began the first week of September with healthy, fully ripened grapes that presented optimal freshness and an excellent aromatic profile.

After destemming and gentle crushing, the grapes were transferred into small stainless steel truncated cone tanks where cold maceration was performed over a period of three days. Alcoholic fermentation followed at a controlled temperature of 26 °C (78.8 °F) and lasted for about one week and was then completed in 228-liter barriques where the wine underwent malolactic fermentation and continued to age for several months. Pinot Nero della Sala aged in the bottle in the castle’s historical cellar for an additional period before being released for sale.

The ten acres (four hectares) of Pinot Noir grapes at the Castello della Sala estate are situated at an altitude of over 1300 feet (400 meters) above sea level on calcareous soils rich in marine fossils which alternate with strata of sedimentary sands from the Pliocene epoch. The wine was first produced in 1990. Castello della Sala is a fortress erected in the 14th century located approximately ten miles (18 kilometers) from the city of Orvieto and was acquired by the Antinori family in 1940.

Pinot Nero della Sala 2021 is a translucent ruby red color with light garnet hues. The nose expresses a delicate bouquet with notes of raspberries, red currants, wild strawberries that follow over to slight sensations of pink pepper. The palate is harmonious, supple with fine tannins: a wine that is pleasantly mellow while at the same time surprisingly complex. The finish is fresh, savory defined by excellent persistence.

Castello della Sala

Castello della Sala

Castello della Sala is located in the Umbria region, not far from the Tuscan border, about 18 kilometers from the historic city of Orvieto. The Medieval castle’s property extends over an area of 600 hectares (1482 acres), 200 hectares (495 acres) are planted with vineyards at an altitude that varies between 220 and 470 meters above sea level (722/1541 feet) on the gently rolling hillsides that characterize the beautiful countryside in this area. Castello della Sala is the perfect place for growing white varieties. The vines grow in clay and calcareous based soils, rich in fossil shells, and they are well exposed to the rising of the sun with an excellent difference of temperature between day and night. The one exception to the rule is Pinot Noir, the only red variety that has found in this area ideal growing conditions to best express its full potential.



Calcareous soil with fossils and sedimentary sand dating back to the Pliocene period.

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