Prunotto.  In a Centuries-old territory: The Langhe

Prunotto. In a Centuries-old territory: The Langhe

The Prunotto estate is located in Alba, the most important city in the Langhe area halfway between Barbaresco and Barolo on the right side of the Tanaro river, on gentle plains surrounded by vineyards in the Langhe and Roero territories. Alba’s surrounding landscapes are captivating. The natural beauty of the gently rolling hills alternate with small sloping valleys covered by rows of meticulously cultivated vineyards. The Antinori family, charmed by such rich natural beauty, unique vineyards and soils, decided to invest time and energy in this terroir confident that their efforts would make Prunotto what it is today, one of the most important winemaking estates in the Piedmont region. Visit the website |

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