From June 01st to July 15th 2016 in Firenze Marchesi Antinori is one of the main sponsor of the fundraising campaign “Opera for Everyone” created by Opera di Firenze (OF) and launched on Kickstarter on June 1st. The program aims to make OF’s productions more widely accessible to audiences around the world, and to spur a renaissance of interest in opera from Florence, the heart of the Renaissance and the birthplace of opera. With a target goal of €300,000 (approximately $330,000), OF’s Kickstarter funds will make possible the expansion of the organization’s live-streaming of its productions, create a digital venue, where the audiences will be able to attend the performances either live or on demand, on-site exhibitions and programs to support audience engagement both locally and internationally and will be the first theatre in the world to offer an extraordinary possibility to anyone: an innovative an brand new portal available to all; anyone from the comfort of their own home can “enter” the Opera di Firenze to make themselves heard and known: a fantastic virtual stage – door for musicians, singers, directors, scenographer. The Kickstarter campaign is backed by a range of many rewards. In particular the Marchesi Antinori rewards released for the moment are “Bottaia” visit at Antinori Chianti Classico winery and a visit of Antica in Napa Valley – CA. In the next week will be new rewards by Marchesi Antinori. To discover all rewards please visit Kickstarter page. Watch the video on our Youtube channel!