In 1985, the Antinori family, with other partners, acquired a beautiful estate in Napa Valley in California, a winery already well known for their production of great red wines.  The property is on a high plain at 500-600 meters above sea level (1640-1968 feet) in the Vaca Mountains.  The landscape and the surrounding hillsides are surprisingly similar to Tuscany but more importantly it’s perfect viticulture territory.  In 1993, convinced that this terroir possessed outstanding potential, the Antinori family decided to invest in this project and took over the vineyards and winery operations comprising 220 hectares (500 acres) of planted vineyards. In 2006 “Antica” Napa Valley was produced, a wine that ties together and expresses the Tuscan and Californian styles in perfect harmony.  The Antica Winery is the fulfillment of a dream and at the same time a milestone for production of great Antinori wines in Napa Valley. Visit the web site Book a visit