Pian delle Vigne



Brunello di Montalcino DOCG


100% Sangiovese


2007 was a particularly mild winter in which temperatures remained systematically above the freezing point, coupled with an equally mild spring with little rainfall led to early start to the vegetative cycle of the vine.
The growth of the buds was favored by warm days followed - in regular order - by precipitation, and ripening was assisted by important temperature swings between daytime warmth and evening and nighttime coolness during the month of August. September arrived with warm and sunny days which allowed us to harvest our Sangiovese in a condition of perfect ripeness.


A careful selection of the finest bunches to be used for the Brunello di Montalcino, first carried during the month of July (the so-called “green harvest” or bunch thinning) and then just before the beginning of picking operations, permitted us to bring to the cellars a crop which was both perfectly ripe and perfectly healthy. After the destemming and pressing of the bunches, the grapes began to ferment in stainless steel tanks, a fermentation which lasted three weeks at temperatures held steadily to  a maximum of 28° centigrade (82° Fahrenheit). Once the fermentation was completed, the wine was put through a complete malolactic fermentation and began its aging in oak casks with a three thousand to an eight thousand liter capacity. After more than two years of aging, the wine was bottled during the spring of 2011.

Historical data

The Pian delle Vigne estate is located six kilometers (3.5 miles) to the south of the town of Montalcino  above the Orcia river valley. The property consists of 184 hectares (454 acres) , 65 of which (some 160 acres) are planted to vines, situated between 130 and 200 meters (440-660 feet) above sea level and with an exposure which is principally to the southwest. The soil consists prevalently of clay and limestone and is rich in small stones. The Brunello di Montalcino  is produced exclusively from Sangiovese grapes  (the variety is known as Brunello in Montalcino) accordingly to the regulations of an appellation which most significant points are: production zone – township of Montalcino; maximum yield in the vineyard – eight tons per hectare; yield in wine from the grapes – a maximum of 68%; obligatory wood aging for the wines – two years; obligatory bottle aging for the wines – minimum four months (six months for the Riserva); minimum alcohol level – 12.5°; commercial release – no sooner than the first of January of the fifth year after the harvest (the sixth year in the case of the Riserva).

Tasting notes

An intense ruby red with garnet highlights, the aromas of the Brunello Pian delle Vigne 2007 show red fruit and spices which fuse harmoniously with tobacco and chocolate. On the palate it is a wine of great balance, with lively mineral notes supported by vibrant tannins which accompany the flavors elegantly during the entire tasting sequence.