Orvieto Classico Campogrande



Orvieto DOC Classico, Umbria


60% Procanico, 20% Grechetto, 15% Verdello, 5% Drupeggio & Malvasia.


The latter part of winter and the beginining of spring were very mild for the time of the year and also very dry. This produced early budding - some 10 days earlier than average. In April the temperature suddenly dropped, causing an arrest in the growth of the buds. The summer was very hot and sunny and this weather continued for the whole of September and for the duration of the harvest which meant that at the time of picking, the grapes were exceptionally healthy and with a high sugar concentration. Overall the 1997 harvest has been somewhat less than expected in terms of quantity - but in terms of quality, this is an exceptional vintage, probably even better than the much acclaimed 1990 vintage and one of the greatest of the last fifty years.


Produced with grapes from the Orvieto DOC Classico area. On harvesting, the grapes were destemmed and after a soft pressing, the must was immediately cooled down to 10°C in order to enduce its natural clarification. The juice was then racked and introduced into temperature controlled stainless steel tanks where alcoholic fermentation took place at a temperature which was not allowed to exceed 18°C. The wine was then transferred and stored for a short period in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 10°C (in order to preserve the wine's youthful characteristics) and then bottled. Alcohol : 12,0% Vol.

Historical data

Antinori has produced an Orvieto since 1922 and an Orvieto Classico since 1932. With the 1988 vintage, this wine was given the name 'Campogrande'.

Tasting notes

Brilliant, pale straw color; dry and crisp with smokey grapefruit and cedar nuances in the bouquet and refreshing, citrus flavors in the mouth.