Bolgheri Rosato DOC


Merlot and Cabernet Franc with a small percentage of Syrah


The 2013 vintage was marked, on the whole, by a cool climate, particularly during the spring and fall. Winter was rather rainy and left substantial, and useful, reserves of ground water in the soil. A late February and early March cold wave delayed bud burst. After a cool spring season, warm and sunny summer weather assisted a regular growth and development of both the grapes and the vegetation. A cool September, with beneficial temperature swings from daytime warmth to evening and nighttime coolness, created ideal conditions for a slow and gradual ripening of the fruit, with a subsequent accumulation both aromas and optimal levels of acidity.


The wine is produced from selected parcels whose grapes are utilized for the estate’s Scalabrone rosé, and each grape variety and parcel was fermented separately. The crop was given an extremely soft destemming and pressing, and the period of skin contact was reduced to less than an hour to limit extraction of color and tannins. The must was chilled to low temperatures for a period of 24 hours to assist a natural settling of impurities, and the clean juice then went into stainless steel fermenting tanks. After six or seven days, the wine was racked into small oak barrels where it finished its sugars. The overall aging period in oak lasted six months, and during this period the lees were frequently stirred. At the end of the aging period in late March, the barrels were selected, one by one,  in order to define the final blend, which finished its aging in stainless steel and was bottled at the end of the month of April.

Historical data

Gherardo is named for the Guado al Tasso estate’s farm whose grapes are utilized for the wine. The estate is located approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) to the southwest of the city of Florence, near the medieval hamlet of Bolgheri. The property, some 2500 total acres (1000 hectares), extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the hills of the internal part of the estate; in addition to the 750 acres (300 hectares) of vineyards, the property cultivates wheat, corn, sunflowers, and olives. The reference point for Gherardo are the outstanding rosés of the south of France, niche wines but ones considered internationally to be among the finest in their category.

Tasting notes

A light pink in color with coppery highlights, the wine shows delicate and complex aromas with notes of flowers along with suggestions of hazelnuts and almonds. Sensations which are accentuated and even more persistent in the balanced and highly pleasurable finish and aftertaste. A wine which will evolve and last over time.