Cervaro della Sala



Umbria IGT


Chardonnay 85%, Grechetto 15%


The year 2008 was truly one to remember: a rather mild winter was followed by a spring with very intense rains, which, in turn, was followed by a summer filled with beautiful weather. This climatic progression ended in a very interesting harvest, which began with the picking of the first varietals towards the end of August and finishing with the last ones during the first few days of October. The beautiful weather which characterized the entire period of harvesting allowed a calm and systematic collecting of the best and most perfectly ripe grape bunches, thereby giving us excellent raw material to work with. The Chardonnay grapes intended for the production of Cervaro della Sala were harvested around the last days of August, offering excellent aromas which allowed the wine to achieve a wonderful balance, express great fragrance, and have great structure, along with good alcohol content.


The grapes originate from 15-20 year old vineyards located on the property surrounding Castello della Sala, at an altitude of between 200 and 400 meters above sea level. The origins of these soils are from the Pliocene era, rich in marine fossils with sections of clay. As soon as the grape bunches were harvested, they were transferred onto a refrigerated conveyor in order to ensure low temperatures during the processes of crushing and destemming. The varietals were fermented separately: in order to enhance their aromatic properties; the musts were left in contact with the skins for 8 to 12 hours at a temperature of about 10°C. After this process, the musts were transferred to 225-liter new French barriques (Allier & Troncais), where alcoholic fermentation took place over a period of 14 days. The wine remained in contact with the lees in the barriques for approximately 6 months, during which time malolactic fermentation took place. The wine was then blended and bottled. It was subsequently aged for another 10 months in the historic wine cellars of Castello della Sala before being introduced on the market. Alcohol content: 13% by Vol.

Historical data

Cervaro derives its name from the noblemen who were the owners of Castello della Sala during the 14th century: the Counts of Cervara. Antinori bought the property in 1940. The first vintage of Cervaro della Sala was produced in 1985 and was introduced on the market in 1987. This wine has won numerous awards and has received much recognition for the consistent quality it has demonstrated over the years.

Tasting notes

Cervaro expresses an intense fragrance with aromatic notes of citrus, pears, and acacia flowers, which blend with hints of vanilla to heighten the wine's complexity. It is full-flavored and well-structured, with sweet notes of butter and hazelnut, while simultaneously persistent and minerally. The wine is intended for evolving and aging well in the bottle.


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