Badia a Passignano



Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione


100% Sangiovese


Late autumn of 2011 enjoyed a dry and mild climate, and this was followed by a cold winter with regular rainfall. The first part of spring was dry and cool, leading to a brief delay in the bud burst and the flowering of the vines. The months of April and May, instead, were characterized by abundant rainfall, which balanced the scarce precipitation of the summer months which followed and allowed all of the different grape varieties to continue their process of growth and development. September and October were once again mild, assisting a proper continuation and conclusion of the ripening. Picking began on September 20th.


After destemming, the individual berries were carefully selected one by one and then given a soft pressing. The fermentation lasting ten days, and the wine then remained in contact with its skins for an additional ten to twelve day period. After being run off its skins, the wine went immediately into oak where, by the end of the year, it went spontaneously through a complete malolactic fermentation. It was then racked, and the various lots, kept separate on the basis of their individual vineyard provenance, were aged for approximately twelve months in 60 gallon Hungarian oak barrels. During this period the lots were carefully tasted and controlled in order to fully bring all their potential during the aging period. The process concluded with the blending and the bottling, carried out at the estate. The finished wine continued to be aged in bottle before release.

Historical data

The Badia di Passignano Gran Selezione is produced exclusively from a selection of the finest grape cultivated on the property of the same name, located in the Chianti Classico production zone. The abbey of Badia di Passignano, around which the vineyards are situated, is one of the loveliest fortified monasteries of the area, and has been famous for the high quality of its wines since the year 1000. The Antinori family acquired the terrain around the abbey in 1987, and ever since that date has utilized the splendid cellars of the monastery.

Tasting notes

Ruby red in color with purple highlights, the wine’s aromas are characterized by a notable varietal character, ones dominated by intense and powerful notes of cherry and wild cherry fruit along with berry and exotic fruit as well. The wine is balanced, ample, and enveloping on the palate, and the ripe, velvety, and polished tannins give a highly pleasurable tactile suppleness to the wine all the way from the initial sensations to the vibrant and savory finish and the long and persistent aftertaste.


Antonio Galloni


2016 USA